Surveillance Camera man Wikia

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Name: 2 Seattle LDS missionaries 

Height: 5 ft 9 

Age: between the ages of 18-20 

Item: Book of Mormon 

Race: White 

Occupation: Proselyting missionaries 

Gender: Male 

Personality: Very friendly and courteous 

Likes: Preaching the gospel, helping people in need with charitable service, Prep day. 

Dislikes: None

This is the 43rd encounter in the SCM series. It involves 2 Seattle LDS missionaries being filmed by SCM. The 2 missionaries introduce themselves to SCM and try to talk to him. However due to SCM art project of just filming with a camera and observing what happens he is unfortunately able to engage in conversation with the missionaries. The missionaries make several attempts to engage in proselyting with him but to no avail. The scene ends with the missionaries walking towards the car behind them and talking to the driver.

Chat dialogue:

Missionary 1: Is this video mode?

SCM: Yeah its video mode.

Missionary 1: Nice!

Missionary 2 : Sick!

SCM: Yeah...

Missionary 2: Well

Missionary 1: Cool!

Missionary 2: Hey everybody!

Missionary 1: Were missionaries.

Missionary 2: Do you wanna learn about jesus?

Missionary 2: I dont think, i dont think i ever had this happen before.

Missionary 1: Well can we give you a card today atleast?

Missionary 1: Right there?

Missionary 2: Alright you have a great day.

Missionary 1: Is there anything we can do for you?

Missionary 1: Alright perfect, well do you want the card? I guess not. Ok, well you have a good day man. Bye everyone!