Surveillance Camera man Wikia

Name:Asian student on the phone

Age: Early 20's

Item: Phone

Height: 5ft 9 inch


Race: Asian

Mental disabilities: None

Likes: Using the phone, Being Respected

Dislikes: Being disrespected, being filmed

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This is the fifth encounter of the SCM series, it starts with a Asian student on the phone talking to someone,he is wearing a white shirt with a black jacket and a blue hat. he quickly feels disrespected by SCM and leaves the scene.

Chat dialogue

Student: Wow.

Student:Hold on can you not do that please?

SCM: What?

Student: What are you doing?

Student: Hold on a sec.

Student: If you are trying to form a cake can you not do that?

SCM: What?

Student: I dont know what you're doing but.

Student: Hold on a sec sorry,What are you doing?

SCM: Huh? Oh I'm taking a video.

Student: Can you please?

SCM: im just im just im just taking a video that's all.

Student:Well well i dont wanna be in your video.

SCM: What!?

Student: Why? why?

SCM Siiiiiii

Student: Can you put it down and talk to me and then i can take you seriously cause you keep saying the same thing and i dont feel like you are taking me seriously or respecting me cause you just keep holding this thing up there.

SCM: All these cameras,there's cameras everywhere,everywhere even here.