Surveillance Camera man Wikia
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Name: Asian gathering room

Height: Varies

Age: Mix but most above the age of 40

Item: Mahjong tiles, Mazola corn oil

Race: Asian

Occupation: Unknown, Possibly retired

Gender: Male and Female

Personality: Mix

Likes: Playing games, hanging out, just chilling, Mazola corn oil

Dislikes: Being filmed.


Mazola corn oil can be seen in the back.

It looks like they are growing an orange tree in their house.

This is the first time SCM has entered a house.

The Asian men can be heard saying English curse words, such as "fuck out!" and "shit!"

The Asian man in the blue jacket looks like a older version of Donnie Yen.

These characters appear in scene nineteen. It begins with SCM walking right into their house. At first the residents don't notice, but one by one they each become aware of what's going on and become increasingly concerned. For a brief moment, they just stare at him and then start telling him to get out. After they are successful in shooing SCM out of their, house he continues to film them outside through their window. They try scaring SCM by saying "DOO," but doesn't scare him. They then splash him with water and the clip ends.

Chat dialogue:

Asian man: Sehgobah

Asian man: Sher Mah Goh shergobah

Asian man: Ah no no no no no no no no!

Asian man: No no,

Asian man: What? No....

Asian man: Fuck out!

(Asian man re-adjusts his glasses.)

Asian man: Fuck out!

Asian men: No no no no no no.

Asian man: Ahh shit!

(Asian man closes door.)

Asian man: DOO!

Asian man: Foga mohah.