Surveillance Camera man Wikia

Name: Confused Asian Student

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20's

Hair Color: Black

Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 3.26.42 PM.png

Height: 5'6

Mental disabilities: None

Race: Chinese/American

Likes: Studying, Zelda, Reserving study rooms

Dislikes: Being Filmed

This university student is the first character seen in the surveillance camera man series. He is average in height and build and looks to be in his mid 20's.He is seen wearing a Zelda parody shirt saying "this is zelda" and jeans. His demeanor is calm but productive as seen working with a female student. As soon as SCM walks into the room he immediately starts receiving questions from the student on his reasons for filming him.

Chat dialogue:

Student:"What are you doing"?

SCM: Ah just taking a video.

Student: Why are you taking a video without asking us?

SCM: What?

Student: Shouldn't you ask us first before taking a video?

SCM: Oh you seem confused.

Student: Yeah! You're not, We have this room and you just barge in.

SCM: Oh.

Student: Can you leave?

Student: Dude, Whats your problem, can you just leave?

SCM: Huh?

Student: Can you ask us why you are taking a video?

SCM: Im just taking a video.

Student: OK! well i dont want to be taken a video of.

SCM: Why are you so worried about it?

Student: Im not worried you're just being annoying.

SCM: Well look at it this way do you ever go out to the grocery store? Yah know how theres surveillance cameras everywhere?

Student: Yeah?

SCM: Not a big deal.

Student: Ok? Well....

SCM: its just a video i mean......

Student: I know you're just being annoying.