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Name: Homeless criminology historian 

Height: 5' 8"

Age: late 40s ~ early 50s 

Item: Chevy trucks hat, backpack 

Race: Unknown (most likely white) 

Occupation: Homeless transient, criminology historian, 2nd degree murderer (possibly) 

Gender: Female 

Personality: Hostile 

Likes: Studying criminology and murders in the Cascadia region (Portland, Oregon/Seattle, Washington/Vancouver, BC), Chevy trucks. 

Dislikes: Being filmed, Unsolved murders or disappearances, fox performance hoodies.

This is the 46th encounter in the SCM series. It begins with the lady telling SCM to go away and stop filming her. Out of nowhere and of no context, the homeless lady begins to tell SCM of all these murders and missing person cases (which questions that she may have been involved or known something about these murders/disappearances). She calls out Chelsea Harrison, killed in Vancouver, Washington, then says something about fox performance hoodie, and points for SCM to leave. Then, she once again asks SCM to stop filming her. She pleads to stop messing with a memorial for the three murdered men found at a Kent nursery. Finally, she tells SCM the tragic story of "Sky Elijah Metalwala" (a disappearance/abduction of a 2y/o boy). After telling SCM this she once again tells him to leave her alone. The scene ends here.

Scene Dialogue

Lady: Get away with your camera, unless you wanna give me a copy!

Lady: Her name is Chelsea Harrison! Vancouver Washington! Look it up on the internet!

Lady: Fox performance hoodie!

Lady: They took down their sign! Now get your freaking camera off of me, please, sir.

Lady: And quit messing with the memorial for 3 murdered men found at a Kent nursery!

Lady: You ever heard of Sky Elijah Metalwala? Well he was abducted at 2 years of age, when you turn a 9 upside down on its head, and put two 1's on either side*, from the Bellevue it was reported on that day, now leave me the F*CK ALONE!

*an odd way to describe 11/6/11, the date that Sky Elijah Metalwala was abducted.


  • The filming location was Portland, Oregon (as opposed to most of SCM's videos, filmed in the Seattle, WA area.)
  • "Fox performance hoodie" is a reference to the fox company that took down the memorial for the 3 murdered men found in a Kent nursery.

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