Surveillance Camera man Wikia
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Name: Kebab shop owner

Height: Well above 6ft

Age: Late thirites

Item: none

Race: Arab

Occupation: Kebab shop owner

Gender: male

Personality: Neutural

Likes: Selling kebabs, making money, giving good customer service

Dislikes: Being filmed

This is the 42nd encounter in the SCM series. It begins with SCM walking into a kebab shop with a kebab owner sitting in the back. Instantly the kebab owner questions SCM's purpose in his store. SCM explains hes just taking a video. Kebab owner becomes quickly beligerent telling SCM that he cant. Soon after kebab owner physical escorts SCM out of the store using physical force. The encounter ends here.

Chat dialogue:

Kebab owner: Can I help you sir?

SCM: Oh im just taking

Kebab owner: What are you doing?

SCM: What?

SCM: What do you mean?

Kebab owner: Why are you doing? Are you taking photos or videos? With these videos?

SCM: Oh.

SCM: Just a video yeah..

Kebab owner: Why?

Kebab owner: For what?

SCM: its just a video man.

Kebab owner : Excuse me?

SCM: its just a video

Kebab owner: You cant you cant you cant!

Kebab owner: What are you doing?

SCM: Just taking a video.

Kebab owner: How are you gonna take a video without asking permission?

Kebab owner: What are you doing now?

Kebab owner: You still recording?

SCM: Did you do anything wrong?

Kebab owner: Get away!

"Kebab owner physically forces SCM out of his store with force."