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Name: The CEO

Age: 40's

Occupation: CEO of Private Conversations

Height 5ft 5 inch

Race: White

Personality: rude but friendly

Held item: Cellphone

Likes: Privacy, Phones,Money

Dislikes:Being filmed,not having privacy.

The eighth encounter of the SCM series involves a man in his late fourties wearing a white dress shirt and black sweater talking on the phone to what it appears as his business partner about private ordeals, as soon as he realizes hes being filmed he politely asks for some privacy but does not receive it,after several politlite attempts to make SCM leave things heat quickly and he later says his infamous line "fuhk you yah got it? And the horse you rode in on."And leaves, What he meant by this ''horse" he speaks of his unknown but speculators claim it to be a bike, car, or an actual horse.


-This is the first time a swear word can be heard in the SCM series.

-A song by earth wind and fire can be heard in the backround in this clip.

-This is the first hostile account in the series.

Chat dialogue

Man: Excuse me?

SCM: Whats up?

Guy: What are we doing here?

SCM: Oh im just taking a video.

Guy: ld appreciate it if you go somewhere else with that okay?

SCM: Oh its fine its just a video.

Guy: Hey its offensive to me ,excuse me i am trying to have a private conversation can you respect that?

SCM: Its just a video man?

Guy:I hear yah!

SCM: Ok.

Guy: lm having a private conversation can you please move?

SCM: lts just a video?

Guy: l, do you not understand what i am saying? Its a private conversation.

SCM: Alright calm down.

Guy: Leave!

SCM: Its just a video......

Guy: Fuhk yhou! Yah got it? And the horse you rode in on! Jesus christ you have no respect for anybody, whatayah gonna do follow me around now? Jesus F**#king Christ.

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