Surveillance Camera man Wikia

Name:Social justice warrior Class

Genders:mix of male and female

Likes: Studying feminism, racial discrimination

Dislikes: being filmed, racism, sexism

Races: Mix of White,Hispanic Asian

The Social Justice Warrior Class is a group of individuals that is the second encounter in the SCM series. They seem to be talking about real world issues such as ''Gender'' and race thus giving the name of Sjw. Many look to be productive members of society with a few hipsters mixed in as well. The teacher looks to be in his 40's while the student are mid 20's.

Chat dialogue:

Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 4.15.10 PM.png

SJWs: -That with gender, why don't we do that with race?

SJW leader: Hi.

SCM: Oh hey.

SJW leader: You are who?

SCM: Huh?

SJW leader: You are who?

SCM: What do yah mean?

SJW Class: Who are you and why are you taking our photo?

SCM: Oh I'm taking a video.

SJW class: Why?

SCM: What? Why not?

SJW leader: What were asking you don't have permission to.

SCM: Oh.

SJW leader: Were not free subjects.

SJW leader: You ask.

SCM: Oh okay.

SJW leader: Its usually how it works.

SCM: Nah nah its fine I'm just taking a video

SJW leader: Its alright but what were saying is we do not want to be apart of that video.

SCM: Oh.

SJW leader: And thats our Choice.

SJW: Its a private classroom and people have paid for this time. Bye!

SJW girl: Are you serious?

SJW leader: Oh come please I've asked you out, your not doing this, really you are interrupting a class that these people have taken care of and ill just ask you please, out.