Surveillance Camera man Wikia


Name:Strict Hispanic teacher

Age: late 30s

Height: 5ft 8 inch




Likes: Teaching, Closing doors, Calling police.

Dislikes:Being filmed

This character is the fourth encounter in the SCM series, It is a Hispanic teacher with her class, she seemed to already be on edge before SCM entered the room, after SCM entered the room a second time she calls the police.

Chat dialogue

Teacher: Regular verbs in R.

Teacher: I'm sorry what is this about?

SCM: Ah im just taking a video.

Teacher: Yeah but you don't take a video without asking opening the door to the class please.

SCM: Theres like some wire in the window, it be a better video if i could get it inside so i don't have to shoot through it here

Teacher: I'm going to call 911.

SCM: What for is it a emergency?

Teacher: Yeah it is, this is a classroom, security cameras will come, you are not allowed to uh video us.

SCM: Oh yeah?

Teacher:You are not allowed, yur yes.

SCM: You sound serious

Teacher: Yes I am.

Teacher: Ah police, ah there is somebody who came in the class that does'nt want to leave and he looks friendly.

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