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The 2 drivers violently assaulting a jaywalker

Name: Street assault encounter Height: 5 ft10 -11   

Age: Average around late twenties  

Item: Backpack (pedestrian)  

Race: White and black  

Occupation: Taxi drivers (presumably), college student (presumably)  

Gender: Male  

Personality: Neutral and belligerent  

Likes: Beating people up (valet drivers), hitting people's cars (college student) 

Dislikes: Having their car vandalized (taxi drivers), being beat up (pedestrian)

This is the the 77th encounter in the SCM series. It involves SCM filming a violent street assault of one of the drivers kicking a man that is lying on the ground. After SCM runs over to the scene and begins to film, the black driver is trying to stop the other driver from beating up the pedestrian. After the one driver calms the other one down, the two drivers look like they are walking towards SCM and are about to beat him, but they don't. After the two drivers walk away, the man lying on the ground gets up and starts to walk away. One of the drivers and the pedestrian argue with each other before they part ways. The driver accuses the man of hitting their car while the pedestrian accuses the two drivers of almost running him over. The scene ends with one of the drivers telling the pedestrian that he started the fight and that he's a dick.

Chat dialogue:

Driver 1#: Jeez man back off

Driver 1#: Back off back off

Driver 1# Let him go let him go.

Driver 2#: He let us win

Pedestrian: Fuck you man

Driver 1# Fuck you dickhead, you hit the car and shit

Pedestrian: Don't fucking almost run people over dude, watch where you're fucking going

Driver 1# It was a mistake and you started it. DICK!