Surveillance Camera man Wikia

Name: The Nut snatcher

Screenshot 2020-02-13-04-29-45.png

Height: 5ft 10   

Age: Mid forties  

Item: Cell phone,bag liquor, Traffic barricades  

Race: Black  

Occupation: Unemployed  

Gender: Male  

Personality: Hostile and comical  

Sexual orientation: Homosexual (presumably)  

Likes: Phones, collecting testicles, taking peoples testicles 

Dislikes: Homosexuals (ironically)

This is the the 83rd encounter in the SCM series it involves 2 unemployed African Americans chatting in-front of a convenience store with SCM coming up from behind. At first the Big black goblin instantly notices and notifies his friend (the nut snatcher) of the mysterious character within their vicinity. The snatcher questions SCMs motives for filming his accomplice the big black gob, SCM says its just a video as to which the snatcher threatens to video SCM in counter. As the snatcher tries to find the camera app on his phone SCM accidentally films the big black gob pissing on the side of the store. The Snatcher freaks out and thinks that SCM might be a homosexual because of it. At this point the snatcher repeatably questions SCM if he sucks dick (which may imply that the snatcher is a homosexual himself by inquiring of such a thing..) ironically however each time the snatcher ambiguously asks if SCM sucks dick the big black goblin responds each time saying "yeah" which may also imply that the big black goblin is actually gay. During this whole encounter the snatcher repeatably throws traffic barricades at SCM each time he asks SCM if he sucks dick. The encounter ends after the snatcher gets no response nad the shop owner comes outside to see what all the ruckus is and tells SCM to not bother the two.

Gob: Oh i dont care

snatcher: inaudible

Gob: thats what i heard

Goblin:hey dude look at him hes taking my picture

Sntacher: Why are you taking his picture man

SCM: its just a video


SCM: its a video


SCM: its a video

Snatcher:whats that

SCM: its a video

Snatcher why you videoing him

Snatcher you know him?

Snatcher let me video you then bitch

Snatcher :hold on stay right there ill video him

Goblin: im a big black gob

Gobli: you aint a big black goblin

Goblin:ayy yeah i am thats why hes walking with me!

Snatcher :were gonna take your nuts after we video you

SCM: oh


Snatcher: no no sir after we video were gonna take you're nuts

SCM: oh

Snatcher: After we video you were gonna take your balls.

Goblin:i gotta go to the bathroom

Snatcher: dont move dont move

SCM: alright

Snatcher :stay right there.

SCM:are you gonna video me its taking a long time man

Snatcher: hell yeah

SCM: its taking too long

snatcher):fuck you mean we taking too long?

SCM:its taking too long (laughs)

Snatcher: fuck you mean we taking too long

Snatcher: dont you video him pissing

Goblin: yeah he a fool

Snatcher :you some kinda freak n*gga? what is you doing are you some kind of freak? you a freak? he pissing

Goblin:Well boi yeah im pissing what the hell are you doing? im pissing now

Snatcher:we got some type of white boy here, we got some type of white boy here talking about video n shit

Snatcher:he got a video of you pissing

Snatcher: do you suck dick man?

Sntacher :do you suck dick? do you suck dick?

Goblin yeah!

Snatcher:do you suck dick?


snatcher: do you suck dick

snatcher are you a freak do you are you a freak? what are you?

snatcher are you a homosexual? are you a homosexual? are you a homosexual? who are you

snatcher: he a dick sucker he a homosexual

snatcher he a freak shit.

Asian man: dont bother dont bother them