Surveillance Camera man Wikia

Name: The teacher in the yellow shirt

Age: Mid Thirties


Height About 6ft

Race: Caucasian

Likes: Teaching, Closing doors.

Dislikes: Being filmed, Open doors, Dark shirts.

The teacher in the yellow shirt is the third encounter in the SCM series, he looks about 30 and quiet tall, he is seen wearing infamous yellow shirt and dark khakis ,he is a productive adult not fooling around when SCM enters the room as the encounter is very short and brief.

Chat dialogue:

SCM enter the room

(inaudible teaching)

Class: "laughter"

Teacher: Excuse I'm having a class in here can you uh?

SCM: Oh its fine I'

Screenshot 2016-03-28 at 5.01.52 PM.png

m just taking a video.

Teacher: Yeah can you close the door for me please? Thanks

SCM: Ok sure.

(SCM Closes door behind him as he enters the classroom.)

Teacher: Uh can you leave?

SCM: Oh I was just closing the door for you.

Teacher: Yeah yeah k thanks.

Teacher: Yeah this is a class.

SCM :Oh you seem confused

Teacher: Oh I'm not confused,thank.

SCM: You sure?

Teacher: Yeah I'm sure thankyou.